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Apr 25th
Things to Bring When Camping in the Heat PDF Print E-mail
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Beat the heat when camping. Camping without the proper equipment isn't the best idea. Those that have already learned the lesson will tell you this, but why go through the pain yourself?

Check out the weather If you know that you're going to be heading to a warmer camping site, then it's time to investigate the weather conditions and what kinds of temperatures you can expect. Many places are warmer in particular times of the year, so you may want to avoid such months.


The Camper's best friend. Don't' compromise on the quantity of water that you carry, as many greenhorns tend to do. The benefits of carrying enough water far outweigh the inconvenience of lugging the extra weight. And that's a fact! You want to bring at least a gallon of water per person per day that you will be camping. Yes, this will be heavy, but it's a lot heavier to carry someone to safety should they get dehydrated.

Electrolyte salts

Carry a reasonable supply of electrolyte salts with you. These salts come in powder form, which can be dissolved in the water you are carrying. Or carry sports drinks that contain electrolytes. Your body needs to regularly replenish these essential salts in hot, humid conditions. Mmm! Tastes good too!

Eating smart

While you may not feel like eating in the heat, you need to balance your liquids with food. This helps to keep your body in balance. The human body is a delicate system of electrolytes that can fall out of balance easily in extreme weather conditions. Nibble on something every time you take a swig of water. A couple of nuts or pretzels will suffice. A salty or sugary snack is best.

The right gear

Keep you head protected from the sun with a hat or visor. Try and wear light colored clothes and apply sunscreen on parts of your body that are bare. While the heat might feel bad, the heat with a sunburn feels even worse. Make sure that you can bring first aid equipment as well as a way to signal for help if you need a rescue.

Two's company

Of course, camping with someone else is best, especially in more extreme weather conditions.