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May 23rd
There Are a Lot of Fish in Florida PDF Print E-mail
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While there is a rabid nightlife, great watering holes and stunning beaches, Florida was made for angling. Here is the scoop on angling trips in Florida

There Are a Lot of Fish in Florida!

While many fishermen would consider a perfect angling trip to be one that takes place on a freshwater lake or river, there are other types of angling available for fishermen looking for a different experience.  Angling on the open water of the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico can make your trip to the southern United States both exciting and memorable.  Angling trips in Florida are an interesting alternative to the usual Florida destinations of Disney World and the beach.

Florida offers two types of angling: salt water angling (on the Gulf or the ocean) or freshwater angling.  While angling trips in Florida commonly focus on the salt water angling, it is important to note that freshwater angling here can also be fun.  While lakes are scarce (the few freshwater lakes in the state are either private or restricted), but there are also miles and miles of freshwater drainage canals that offer some species of freshwater fish, such as largemouth bass and pan fish.  These areas are usually fished by the locals, and not many people will take a special trip to Florida just to catch these common fish.  Angling trips in Florida are usually marked by deep sea angling. 

Southwest Florida (places in the area around Naples, Florida, for example) holds the best variety and quality backwater salt water angling.  The four major fish types that fishermen come here to catch are the snook, spotted sea trout, redfish and tarpon.  If you're lucky enough to catch one of each species, you can brag about getting a "grand slam".  The angling here is especially good because of the area's strict rules about marine cleanliness and keeping the area pristine for aquatic life.  This area also includes the Mangrove Coast and Rookery Bay, which is an Aquatic Preserve.  While in this area, there are many places to stay.  From cabins to hotels, there's a spot that will fit your budget and make your trip to Florida's angling areas comfortable.

Naples also offers other activities for those members of your party who might not be as interested in angling, from the beautiful beaches to the natural wonders of the area, such as dolphins and manatees.  Florida can be a fisherman's paradise with all the different types of angling available, combined with the excellent climate and perfect angling conditions make angling trips in Florida both unique and enjoyable. Choosing a trip here can mean both freshwater and salt water angling in the same vacation, which is great for that true fish lover.